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Over 20 years of unparalleled business practices in South Australia

Mayfair Group offers a comprehensive all trade construct or maintenance service catering to all Industrial, Commercial and Residential needs.  Setting us aside from other ‘All Service’ providers is our Director, Aaron Stewart who has 20+ years of experience in both Commercial Building/Maintenance and Residential Servicing.  Aarons integrity and unwavering professionalism has bought Mayfair Group to the forefront of the ‘All Service’ industry.

Genuine Customer Service

Most vital to our success has been our ‘no call backs’ policy.  The policy sets a benchmark that places Mayfair Group above other trade services on the market place.  The expectations we place upon ourselves to provide the absolute best service every single time to every single client is our greatest motivator.  We believe you do the job right the first time.  We successfully strive to be the trade service that delivers on our promises.

Mayfair Group turn up when we say we will, we provide genuine quotes, we communicate constantly, we respect our clients and the opportunity they are affording us.

Qualified & Experienced

All our employees are fully qualified within their specific trade.  We employ only the highest quality staff to ensure our clients receive the very best service at all times.  Our team has been compiled from many years of market experience by each individual allowing Mayfair Group to provide its clients with the best of the best.  Our desire to provide the highest professional experience and end result for our client means we can only employee the best and that is what we have done.

To enable us to be able to provide our outstanding service all of the equipment we use is the newest and best available on the market.  We never not show up, fail to complete the job and over charge in any way.  We are who you call when the others fail.  Call us first – it’s much cheaper than paying twice!  Mayfair Group will fix your issue, we will provide you with the outcome you desire, every single time.  Our clients are never disappointed that they called Mayfair Group.

Our Residential Partners

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or add a kitchen and living space or create undercover car parking, Mayfair Group will sit and discuss your desired outcomes and provide an accurate quote for the highest quality ran project and outcome.

We never over commit so we never fail to meet deadlines.  We never underquote, we would rather miss out on the work than mislead our clients to simply secure the project.  We seek partnerships, repeat work and recommendations.

To assist our residential clients, we have partnered with the highly reputable Certegy Ezi-Pay finance company.  By doing so we are able to help our clients achieve their dream extensions, stunning new bathrooms, stunning new kitchens, steaming hot water.  With Certegy assisting us assist our clients there is nothing we can’t achieve together.

Additionally we offer EFTPOS. This adds to our efforts to ensure our clients are not inconvenienced in anyway.

Our Commercial Partners

Mayfair Group Director, Aaron Stewart, has a commercial building background and has been involved in architectural construction, design and construct and lump sum projects.  As such Mayfair Group offers a genuine and unique insight and ability to understand Commercial requirements and the intricacies of Commercial projects.

Providing an all trade service for Commercial projects places Mayfair Group in an enviable position in the market.  We can undertake major reworks of Commercial premises, offer full maintenance programmes, Emergency Call Out 24/7, undertake ground works – Architecturally designed or to be designed by our Director who is a Master Plumber by trade.

Our ability to service our Commercial clients with such a depth of knowledge and experience places us at the top of the sector.  A position we do not take lightly and that on a daily basis we strive extremely hard to maintain.

Large & Small Jobs

For Mayfair Group no job is too big or too small.  Our aim from our inception is to provide the Adelaide market place with a company that knows the client is the most important aspect of the business.  Whatever the clients requires we can handle, there is no question but we handle it in a way that leaves each and every one of our clients knowing how valuable they are to us as a business.  Repeat and ongoing business is our biggest motivator.

We will unblock your drain – the first time!  We will change your tap washers or we will renovate your bathroom!  We can install 20 new toilets, we can provide industrial hot water plant maintenance and scheduled servicing, we can ensure your office building, warehouse or mine site never has an emergency by creating a maintenance programme customised to desired requirements whether it be in the metropolitan suburbs or the out skirts of the city and as far out as remote country locations. There isn’t an element of trade related works that Mayfair Group can’t provide and will provide with unparalleled integrity and professionalism.

At Mayfair Group we understand the need for honesty, professionalism and common courtesy.  We will exceed your expectations and you will know that choosing Mayfair Group was the best decision you could have made.

We aren’t ‘tradies’ we are Mayfair Group and we will exceed your expectations every time.


Mayfair have renovated 3 properties for me & their team & work are 100%, first class & always professional, friendly , high quality & perfectionists. I will always use them in the future. Highly recommended.

Teresea Hamilton Smith
Teresea Hamilton Smith
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