Our Plumbing Services

Owning a property or managing properties its inevitable that one day you will need a plumber, perhaps to repair a hot water service or maybe fix a gas leak. The advantages of partnering with a company such as ours is that if some other form of task is required during the work such as an external weather proof electrical power point or even some form painting its all covered under the one umbrella taking the strain off you having to find additional trades to get the job completed.

Emergency / 24 Hour / 7 Days A Week

Plumbing jobs come in all different sizes some may be very minor, and others can be large, we do them all and at an affordable cost. Occasionally a problem is going to pop up after hours when majority of companies have closed for the day. We offer the service of a 24 hour on call system for priority 1 jobs, things such as a broken water pipe, a blown water heater and overflowing clogged drains. Jobs like this simply cannot wait until the next business day they need an emergency plumber within the hour.

With a diverse range of experience in the filed of plumbing our knowledge and skill set has been derived through working across the globe, locations such as Australia, Canada and the USA. Through these experiences our capabilities have broadened to give us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Maintenance Program

Designing and implementing preventative maintenance programs for various organisations is an area which we have a proven track record in helping many organisations such as aged care facilities, shopping centres and manufacturing plants. Annual testing of backflow prevention devices, auditing of thermostatic mixing valves and fire systems (including smoke alarms) are all items which do require scheduled maintenance.

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Hot Water

Other day to day tasks we are skilled in are:

  • Hot water repairs and servicing on all major brands including: Stiebel Eltron, Braemar, DUX, Rinnai, Chromagen, Bosch, Aqua MAX, Vulcan, Apricus, Rinnai, Rheem, Raypak and ZIP.
  • We are recognised service agents for Bosch across South Australia and recommended plumbers to install Stiebel Eltron products.

Hydrojet & Drain Cleaning

  • Industry leaders in all aspects of drainage including: Deep drainage, Pumping systems, Trade Waste, Design, General drain cleaning, Hydro jet drain cleaning and de scaling of all pipe systems including sewer, trade waste and storm water, CCTV Camera Inspections
  • Location services of all pipe work up to 10m in depth and within 2 millimetres of accuracy and Re- lining of broken or cracked pipe work.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Renovations and developments from complete property transformations through to minor face lifts.

Pre-purchase property inspections helping new buyers identify any potential areas which may need attention in the future and pointing out workmanship which may be a little substandard.


Gasfitting and Gas Plumbing covering everything from gas leak investigations and repairs, gas appliance installations and gas pipe line renewals and installations.

Waste Water Treatment

Water and waste treatment/filtration from the design and manufacturing through to the onsite installations and routine maintaining of the plants in remote, rural and suburban areas. All types of systems including Reverse Osmosis, UV Sterilisation and Chemical Dosing.

If knowledge and experience are two things which you feel are important then your company will benefit from, then make a time for us to meet with you and discuss just how we can help you. We look forward to building a long term working relationship.

Regular programmed maintenance is the key to maintaining a commercial properties plumbing infrastructure.  With regular scheduled inspections and testing it avoids the failure of foreseeable break downs.

Pipe Blockages

Issues such as tree root invasions inside pipes that can be inspected using CCTV Camera equipment and located with sonde inside of the cameras head.  The deterioration of heating elements and pumps can all be tested at regular intervals to help show if a component is wearing out and if it should be scheduled for an overhaul when next convenient.

New projects which may require larger diameter pipes which run for kilometres and high-pressure gas mains are not the everyday run of the mill tasks you would engage a residential plumber to perform.  You need the services of a plumbing company who have experience, knowledge and insurance to make your project happen seamlessly.

Commercial Work

The Mayfair Building Group cover all types of new commercial plumbing work such as fire protection systems, storm water harvesting, manifolded hot water systems, multi storey installations and pumped services.  Commercial plumbing projects often require large amounts of labour over long periods of time.  A projects location can also be remote so having the capabilities to deal with the logistics of remote location sites is another factor to be considered.

If you require a commercial plumbing contractor think the Mayfair Building Group.