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    It’s one of the things we get to take advantage of all year round is living and entertaining outside.  If it’s cold, we turn on the outside patio gas heaters and if its hot we jump in the pool and soak up that vitamin D.  Outdoor areas have brought an extension of our homes outside.  Today many of our clients are opting to have their outdoor living space created rather then move houses they would rather extend and save on wasted stamp duty costs. Talk to use about your outdoor renovations Adelaide.

    Creating The Perfect Space

    When we initially look at a new outdoor space and area for your home there are typically a few must haves on the list and they are as follows:

    • Year-round comfort:  In Adelaide we experience four seasons and with that varying temperatures.  Our clients want to be able to enjoy their new home space for all 12 months of the year.  Items such as fans, openable roofs, heaters and blinds are what makes an outdoor entertaining space useable and cosy for all these different seasons of the year.
    • Ambience:  Outdoor spaces in your home are used during the day and night and they require a good selection of lighting, sound and acoustic properties.  Its important to ensure the right mood can be created and controlled depending on the event.  Through careful selections and the right advice all these items can be selected at the design stages ensuring the outcome is the right one.
    • Cooking:  No outdoor space or entertaining space would be complete without the facilities to prepare, cook and clean – quality outdoor kitchens designs. This is where the rules of design can be simple or extreme.  The choices available today can start at basic entry level barbeques and sinks through to high-end stainless-steel outdoor kitchens with wine fridges and big sinks with fancy spray taps along with pizza ovens and warming cabinets.  Your imagination is the only thing controlling the outcome of the living space or outdoor kitchen in your home.
    • Finishes:  When we address the finishes for an outdoor area items such as floor coverings and wall linings need careful consideration.  The likelihood of these living space rooms meeting moisture is high.  The floor (such as a paved floor), should be of a non-slip nature and the wall linings need to be moisture resistant ensuring their longevity.  The style should also be considered so it is timeless and won’t need renovating again another 2 years because it is outdated and tired looking.

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    It all starts with the initial consultation onsite for the outdoor renovation Adelaide – the meet and greet before we create..  Depending on the level of renovation/extension that is going to take place we will then have architectural plans and engineers’ drawings made and submitted to council for approvals.  Once this has been approved the fun bit starts and we create the project.

    Demolition if required and then the building process can commence.  Like all projects such as a home outdoor entertaining area, depending on the scale of the project it will vary in the time frames required to design and create the project.  Take for example a project where a new pool/spa and complete outdoor dining and entertaining facility is created this will take a lot longer than that of just a basic kitchen installation for your home.  Regardless of the task at hand our communication skills are what people often compliment us on and through this we keep you informed every step of the way leaving nothing to guess work.

    Find out for yourself why the Mayfair difference is something people can’t stop talking about. Our home renovations and living area designs are second to none.

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