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Investing into a business for your fit outs in Adelaide, can one of the most exciting times for an owner.  It can be at the start of a business or later in the business’s life when the existing fit-out may need a freshen up.  When ever the process takes place, it will be a real transformation.

Why Mayfair?

Mayfair Building Group have been involved with some of Australia’s well-known brands and fit outs and some of the larger global brands who have set-up stores and facilities in Adelaide.  Majority of fit outs often require no structural work just internal work items such as:

  • Joinery for desks, kitchens and storage
  • Light weight wall construction to section off areas of a building for offices and meeting rooms
  • Floor coverings
  • Ensuring all requirements are met to for disability access set out in the National Construction Code Volume 1 and 2 including plumbing requirements set out in Volume 3
  • Additional wet (sprinklers and hose reels) and dry fire protection systems (fire blankets, smoke detectors, thermal detectors and fire extinguishers)
  • Painting (inside and outside)
  • Various display fixtures
  • Coordinating delivery of inventory
  • Signage
  • Window coverings
  • Furniture (chairs, tables and lounges)
  • high quality bathroom renovations
  • Electrical (power and lighting), data and communications
  • Heating and cooling installations and adjustments
  • Interior design fit outs
commercial and office fit outs

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Our scope of service is not limited to any one sector.  With our experience has come our reputation for delivering high end finishes on tight deadlines with significant liquidated damages clauses written into the contracts.  Our clients understand that engaging the Mayfair Building Group will get them the result they are striving hard to achieve with a zero-tolerance approach to not meeting a projects milestone moment.

Across Adelaide we have worked in various fields each with there own unique difference.  The ability to adapt and have access to the right contractor and materials for each office fitouts each time makes delivering a finished product for all our clients very exciting. Our team can design any space your desire and make that space the highests quality you can imagine. Our services in Adelaide are second to none.

High Quality Fit Outs

Below are some of the various service industries we have worked in and can work with to help you deliver your fit-out project in South Australia:

  • Health (dental, consulting rooms, podiatrists, chemists, optometrists etc)
  • Office buildings office fitout – commercial construction
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Fitness (gyms, rehab facilities and pilates studios)
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Automotive sector
  • Construction
  • Educational (day-cares, schools and universities)

Our Fit Out Process

Typically, a fit-out will be performed around tight deadlines with majority of the decisions are needed to be made very fast.  It is crucial that the correct program management method is selected.  Our commercial project management team in Adelaide are experienced and trained to select the right method for your fit-out and provide added confidence that your project will perform fluidly.  Occasionally a project will be required to operate out of normal working hours in order to not interfere with adjoining tenancies either next door or on the floor below.  In order to do this, there may be specific approvals required to be obtained and fees paid, all crucial key factors to having a commercial or office project fitout solutions run on time.

Fitting Out For Commercial & Retail

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