Managing A Renovation That’s Gone Wrong

Renovating is something most people will only ever do once in there life time.  It’s the daunting feeling of not knowing what is going to take place and how things will pan out throughout the entire renovation process.  When you engage the services of a building company you expect and hope all your expectations will be met.  A renovation can pose all types of hurdles along the way but trying to eliminate most hurdles is something the Mayfair Group do best.  It’s our experience and knowledge which shines through by being able to give these huge advantages to our clients across South Australia.

Managing projects is one of the many services we offer.  Quite often we will be approached by a client who has a clear picture of what they are wanting to achieve but have no building experience.  That’s where our project management experience comes to fruition.  We sit down with the client and get an understanding of the scope of works desired, budgets and time frames.  From this point we can create a time line for the project, coordinate with there preferred trades or introduce the client our preferred trades such as painters, plumbers, carpenters and concreters.  Once these crucial points have been ticked off its onto the exciting part RENOVATING!

Case Study

Check out our case study here: Builder Gone Bust – Adelaide Hills Case Study.

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We offer a quality and competitively priced project management service for high quality reno rescues.

Builder gone BUST!  Unfortunately, it happens a builder over commits and cannot deliver.  Under bidding and poor project management skills equal BUST.  That’s where Mayfair step in.  Taking over a project that has only partially been completed can be a mine field of surprises and finding a builder who is willing to take on another company’s work can be extremely hard.  The Mayfair Building Group will meet with a client, take a tour of the site and provide a detailed report of how a project can be put back on track and finalised meeting all Local Council Requirements, National Construction Code and Australian Standard requirements.

Business Ethics

Bringing ethics and integrity back into the building industry is one of our main focal points.  It means that all our customers get the service they deserve.  Professional service, being treated politely and always having the time to walk through a project, meet for a coffee and talk the project over face to face.  Creating that feeling of calmness and understanding so that a project will create the result all parties are happy with.  Find out why Mayfair are a preferred choice by residential and commercial clients across Adelaide for yourself.

Dealing With Work Gone Wrong

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