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    Renovating can be very daunting.  Mayfair Group are experts in realising your dreams without all the complications.  Mayfair Group employs only specialised trades from start to finish of all projects.  We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations on budget, time frames, communication and outcome.

    Our reputation for creating your new space with ease and without delays and on budget is why we are fast becoming the only choice you should make when considering updating your home.

    Creating Your Vision

    When people think of renovating they are daunted by the prospect of mess, disruption to daily life, blow outs of budgets, flexible deadlines and high levels of stress.   With Mayfair Group we take all of this away.  We pride ourselves on never over committing so we do not have conflicting priorities.  We work to ensure our clients vision is our vision, this enables us to stand in our clients shoes and truly appreciate the impact the renovation project is having.

    Renovating is a great option to moving home.  Something as simple as new tiles on your kitchen splashback with a new benchtop and taps – a whole new kitchen transpires. Replacing an old bathtub with a new more modern shape and new taps can transform a bathroom.   Add a mirror, new towel rails and you won’t recognise the room.

    Sticking To Budget

    Renovating does not always mean an entire replacement. Sometimes a simple change can make an old room new again. Mayfair Group are experts at transformations on any budget.  No job is too small for us to undertake if it means our clients receive the outcome they are hoping for.

    Extreme renovations are the most challenging for our clients as a brand new kitchen, bathroom, or laundry means inconvenience in daily life.  We know this and have all lived it ourselves at some stage so have an in depth knowledge of how vital it is to provide our clients with an outcome they love in a timeframe that allows them to return to normal daily life without the headache.

    We have all trades dedicated to our projects which ensures our projects run to budget and on time.  Our Director, Aaron Stewart, co-ordinates all aspects of the project and communicates constantly to ensure there is a full picture of all stages of the project so our clients are always on top of where things are and where they will be at certain stages.  Always keeping the end deadline in our sights and ensuring our clients can trust our promises.

    Renovating your home? Call us today and we will be able to help you!

    We offer a quality and competitively priced renovation service that will ensure any issues or installations you may need, we can handle it.

    Increasing The Size Of Your Home

    In addition to transforming your internal home Mayfair Group can add to the size of your home.  We can create new living spaces by adding on rooms, pergolas to provide that outdoor oasis that you have been dreaming of, garages, carports.  There is no limit to what Mayfair Group can provide our clients with to give them a new space in their much loved home.

    Pergolas and Verandas can transform your outdoor living area into a luxurious entertainment spot where you can enjoy the long Adelaide summer nights and weekends.  Outdoor kitchens add that extra comfort and ease for entertaining or allowing all family members to be together during dinner preparations.

    Kitchens, Verandahs & Patios

    Many of our clients find the full kitchen and veranda extension changes their world.  They can spend every night and all day on the weekends outside entertaining friends or watching the kids play while preparing a meal and relaxing in the fresh air and out of the sun.  Once setup there is no reason to return inside as everything you need it at your fingertips.  Fully functioning sink, refrigerator, BBQ – it’s all right there providing you with a gorgeous space to be a part of the activities.

    If you are looking for something more dramatic and wanting to extend your home Mayfair Group can undertake the project for you.  We can assist from the design stage through to handover.  A one stop shop of excellence.  If you are adding an ensuite, a new living area with your dream kitchen or additional bedrooms Mayfair Group are the builders of choice.  Our expert team will create the design based on your specifications and your dreams of a total transformation will be realised on time, on budget and with all the communication you could hope for.

    No Job Too Small

    Mayfair Group pride themselves on being a full trade service that can replace a hot water service, upgrade your electrical requirements, repair paving, lay a new driveway or completely transform your home.  We consider no job too small – if a change of splash back in the kitchen is the extent of your renovation, we are happy to complete it for you.  If you wish to start over and create an entirely new bathroom, we are happy to complete it for you.  If you need a new living space inside or outside, we are happy to complete it for you.

    Renovate, Rejuvenate, Create.  Whatever you are dreaming of Mayfair Group can make it a reality.  Without the frustrations and somewhat expected issues that come with hiring Builders and trades.  Our aim from the inception of our company was to change the public’s perception of Builders and Trades – we believe we are accomplishing this aim and our clients agree!  Most feedback we receive is focused on our being on time, meeting the budget, completing the project when promised, communicating at every stage and our honesty.

    Mayfair Group consider themselves a leader in recreating space in Adelaide.  Our priority is our client.  Our reputation for being who we claim to be is fast becoming our trademark.  Striving to always provide the utmost professional, trustworthy and complete service to the people of Adelaide is what drives us.

    Mayfair Group will transform your home without the horror story.

    Mayfair Group are not your typical Builder or Trade supplier.   We will meet and exceed your expectations and we will be the Builder or Tradesman you recommend to family and friends as we are that good and that trustworthy.  Calling Mayfair Group for your renovation, internal room facelift, inside space creation, outdoor living space will be the best decision you will make.

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