Adelaide Landscape Services – Create Your Amazing Outdoor Space

    At the Mayfair Building Group we work closely with all our customers on small and large scale projects to achieve the perfect outdoor area they want us to design and build for them.

    From the initial site visit, approvals, budgeting and through to final hand over we are with you each step of the way ensuring you get the desired outcome.  Creating an aesthetically appealing outdoor space can add a lot of value to your property and add an immediate attraction to your home when done correctly!  To be able to enjoy your outdoor space is a key element to the outcome of all our projects.

    There are many elements which go into landscaping a home’s front and rear yards.  Today many homes are on sloping blocks and will require retaining walls.  Other houses may have poor soil conditions so a layer of that dirt might need to be removed and a new layer bought in to allow grass and plants to establish themselves and grow.  Whatever your landscaping job requires we cover it all under the one umbrella at the Mayfair Building Group.

    Key elements to achieve the perfect landscaping project

    Whenever we take on a new landscape job, we always go through a few key elements with our customers to ensure the right outcome is always achieved.

    Budget:  There are so many elements which can be adjusted to enable our client’s budget is met.

    Design:  This also forms a part of the first step of budget, designing a project which fits the customer’s budget.

    Approvals:  Does any of the new work require approval from the local authorities?

    Lead times:  With the recent lock downs around the world some imported products such as granite, marble and furniture have longer than normal lead times.  Sometimes alternative products need to be sourced to avoid lengthy delays on project deadlines.

    Electrical supply:  Will the new landscaping require power for water pumps?  Power for garden lights or power to the new pool and spa?  These are key pieces of infrastructure that must be carefully thought about in the early parts of a projects planning.

    Sustainability:  Does the property have access to regular water for irrigating?  What level of dependency does the customer want from the plants etc?  Is grey water or rain water an option?  Will the water require a pump to transfer the water?

    Contour of the block:  Will the landscaping need to incorporate retaining walls?  Will the block need cutting and filling?  Is there rock below ground?

    Project time line:  Does the client have other tasks happening prior or after the landscaping?  Perhaps a swimming pool or maybe a garage being installed.  We need to coordinate our works with these trades to ensure all stages happen in the correct order to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

    Why use a licensed builder for your landscaping

    Landscaping will typically be one of the last projects you undertake during a build.  Getting this right is crucial in achieving the last step in building your dream home.  Quite often landscaping will form a significant part of your projects budget and it is for this reason you want the peace of mind that it will be completely to your 100% satisfaction and continue to perform as the months and years go on.

    All of this is what you can expect from the Mayfair Building Group, licensed builders in South Australia.  We offer public indemnity insurance on all projects which require it and only use licensed trades people on every project we deliver in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.

    Our Landscaping Service - Contact Us today and we will be able to help you!

    Our team offers quality and competitively priced landscaping services in Adelaide. If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor area, garden, or yard we would be happy to help you through the process!

    What locations have we worked in?

    At the Mayfair Group we have successfully completed many projects over the years across all the Adelaide Hills and the metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide.

    We have just completed a front and back yard custom design and construct project in Burnside.  Prior to this we completed a similar project in Tusmore.  We are currently starting a significant project in Stirling which will probably take 3 months from start to finish.  The Stirling project is going to be a land mark project for the Adelaide Hills and potentially see us win an award in the end of year Master Builders awards for 2023.

    Our portfolio of landscaping projects has included other locations across Adelaide such as Medindie, Lower Mitcham, St Peters, Rose Park, Glenelg, Aldgate and Fullarton to name just a few of the locations across Adelaide we service with all types of landscaping services.

    Common trades involved with a landscaping project

    In a typical landscaping project we undertake there are numerous qualified trades we use, and these are typically an earth mover, plumber, electrician, and horticulturalist.  These 4 trades people play a key role in all our landscape projects from the initial design through to the commissioning phase of all our projects.  Each trade knows what is required of them and at what stage each part of their job needs to be performed.

    Take for example an electrician they know that their conduits for power must be 600mm deep and therefore are one of the first trades to get in.  The plumber knows that there drain pipes need a certain amount of grade or slope on it to allow the water to wash away and therefore need to be involved with the project early in the contract.

    Protection of the potable water supply

    Today it is a common requirement from SA Water and the Office of Technical Regulator to have at least 2 backflow prevention devices installed at a property to protect the streets potable water from contamination.  In the event of a broken water main in the street and siphonage occurs it could cause fertilisers to enter the streets potable water supply.

    With the use a Dual Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) or Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZD) it will prevent this.  The risk assessment on your property will determine which of the above-mentioned valves will be required the first mentioned is a medium hazard rated device and the second mentioned is a high hazard rated backflow valve.

    Only a licensed plumber can install a testable backflow prevention device.  The backflow prevention valve will require an initial test certificate to be submitted to the OTR after being initially tested within 7 days of the test being performed and then require annual testing from then onwards by a licensed backflow tester in Adelaide.

    Every project is different

    At the Mayfair Building Group we understand that ever project is different and each will require its on specific details.  Some of our projects are simple and some very complex.  Some of our projects might only a couple of days work and others require months of work.  We perform both residential and commercial projects.

    What ever your project requires we are here to ensure you get everything right and done on time and on budget.  If you would like to discuss your landscaping project please contact us today at

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