Quality Carpentry & Joinery Services

If it involves wood of any description we can cut it, plane it, mould it, stain it and make it out of any type of timber. Our team of qualified carpenters and joiners have over 30 years experience in all aspects of the building industry from building pergolas, carports, parents retreat and extensions onto existing dwellings through to small projects such as installing new doors, vanity units, garden beds, fences/gates and windows, including first fix carpentry in Adelaide and other high quality carpentry work.

Our Carpentry & Joinery Clients

An area which we have built a proven track record in is providing services to property managers, infrastructure maintenance and insurance companies by offering an on-call carpentry and carpenter service for when incidences such as storm damage and break-ins occur, and a property is required to be made safe and weather tight until another permanent solution can be put back in place. Materials such as hoardings across windows and doors are what is required after a ram raid or break has occurred. Items such as these are what we keep on hand in our carpentry warehouse in Adelaide, so when a priority 1 call service is put through we can attend and have the desired task performed immediately and a property made safe again.

Property Maintenance

General property maintenance in Adelaide is an area which we have secured long term contracts performing tasks such as door hardware repairs, adjusted door jambs due to weather swelling and repairs due to neglect and accidents. Wood rot and termite damage can lead to areas of a timber frame needing to be completely replaced or just a small area replaced. Depending on the urgency of the carpentry job, our carpenter or builder can attend same day of over a set period. We also offer a landscaping service for outdoor areas.

Home Renovations & Carpentry, Adelaide, South Australia

When a renovation or new building is constructed there is typically always some form of joinery involved that needs to be performed but a carpenter, builder or joiner. Joinery can range from fix carpenter jobs and new wardrobes, laundry cupboards, lockers, desks, vanity units and kitchens the list is only limited by your imagination. All our carpentry products are custom made to suit each individual situation. Our carpenter and builder experts in Adelaide will attend your home or business at the start of the project to discuss an initial budget and return towards the middle of the project once walls are lined and constructed and measure all cupboards and bench tops to the exact millimetre allowing for zero room of error when the product is installed on site with our services in Adelaide, South Australia.

With today’s changing styles and new fashions the range of products which our customers can choose from for their new doors and new bench tops are nearly endless. Carpentry materials such as composite stone and new marble are at the higher end for tops/benches but are still very popular. 2 Pack and Shaker doors top the list in high end finishes and look brilliant.

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Carpenters For Adelaide Projects

Carpentry projects such as large outdoor decking and entertaining areas may require prior approvals from relative authorities. Our in-house design team will work through entire project from concept to completion with councils and architects to ensure the product is compliant and will stand strong for a long time to come. We ensure we have the best carpenters and carpentry services in the city of Adelaide.

Coastal locations further away from Adelaide require a different type of carpentry material and fixings due to high level of corrosion and wind they are exposed to. The same is also worth noting for that for construction of structures being built in bush fire zones in and around Adelaide.

Our Carpentry Projects, Adelaide SA.

Opening a room to create more space in Adelaide has certainly seen an increase in trend for many home owners over the past years 10 years.

Removing an arch way or even taking out an entire wall to create an open feeling of space can be achieved be installing over head LVL’s (laminated beams) or lintels and spanning the load across other structural members to now create a feeling of abundant space.

Affordable Joinery Services

When you need a carpenters in Adelaide or joiner service to get a quality carpentry work completed at your home or business on time and under budget contact our team today and let us discuss the endless possibilities with you.

With a builder and fix carpentry team with experience in Adelaide and licensed trades people you will be impressed by the quality carpentry work and service we provide for your home or business and soon get to understand just why we have been successfully helping so many new and old carpentry clients for years.