Electrical Services We Provide

Invisible to the naked eye, electricity must always be treated with extreme caution and only be worked on by a qualified electrician. Electrical work when done correctly and to the current Australian Standards is safe and that’s the only way in which it should be done. When electricity is done by an unlicensed person it can be very dangerous, problems such as fires, excess power bills, damage to appliances and a potential threat to human lives can all be caused through the unsafe installation of wiring and fixtures in and around a home or office.

Degrading Infrastructure

Many ageing properties still have the original ceramic fuses in use without a safety switch present. We can have items such as these upgraded to new circuit breakers and a safety switch installed to ensure the safety of the people using the property. The role in which a safety switch plays is to cut electricity off within 0.3 of a second of an electrical fault being detected, protecting the person who may be using this appliances ie: hair dryer or toaster. As an additional precaution we can have a surge protector installed, the benefit of this is that if there is ever a major spike in the electrical supply your appliances such as TV’s, Computers, Hot Water Services, Air Conditioners and Fridges will be protected from having their circuit boards destroyed by the huge increase in electricity being delivered.

Full Electrical Service Portfolio

Along with re wiring and switch board upgrades there are many other areas which we cover such as:

  • Fan supply and installations
  • XL 3 in 1 bathroom lights and fans
  • Conversion of lighting to energy efficient LED
  • Light switch and power point upgrades
  • Phone and data cabling
  • Smoke detector testing
  • Fire protection systems
  • Tv antennas and internet cabling
  • Exhaust fan replacements and installations
  • Thermostat and element repairs to hot water systems
  • Oven repairs and installations
  • Remote locations including mine site maintenance contracts
  • Working at heights
  • Gas shut off valves
  • Outdoor patio heaters
  • New consumer in coming main upgrades
  • Electrical meter relocations and new installations
  • Solar panel installations and repairs
  • External weather proof power point installations
  • Pre-purchase property inspections
  • Programmed facility maintenance and testing
  • Range hood repairs and installations
  • Pump installations and fault finding including repairs
  • Light bulb installations and change overs
  • 3 phase and single phase internal and external wiring

Need an electrician? Call us today and we will be able to help you!

We offer a quality and competitively priced electrical service that will ensure any issues or installations you may need, we can handle it.

After Hours and Emergency Electrical Work

We also offer a reliable afterhours emergency electrical service. Offering a fully monitored 24 hours on call service. This proven service has allowed us to build strong relationships with many property management companies both big and small.

Our company is structured in such a way that we can deal with priority 1 job orders such as no power and other electrical faults at any time of the day or night. We can also deal with priority 2 and 3 job orders which are not as important but still need to be completed during a certain time frame.

Our Electrical Vans

Our service vehicles are stocked with the common day to day items which are required to fix your problems, items such light globes, power points, circuit breakers, isolators, fuses, switches, cables and thermostats this enables us to get your jobs fixed on the spot during the same visit each time.

If a product that may not be as common is not available off the shelf, we will have it ordered in and installed in a timely manner.

Licenses & Accreditation

Our team of licensed electricians (sparky’s) are continually being upskilled to ensure they are across any changes to the Australian Standards and local authorities codes and requirements.

If you’re looking for an electrical company with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service at an affordable cost book in an electrical inspection today of your property or enquire about how we can help you manage your clients demands for everything electrical, helping keep you safe is what we do best.

Technology is probably one of the fastest moving influences in our lives today.  When we look at things such as TV’s, Computers, Intercoms, CCTV Security and Monitoring, Communications and Phones these are all vital instruments and influence the way in which we operate today.  It could be a business or just personal use; regardless data and communication play a key role in ensuring messages and information is relayed promptly and accurately.


installing cables for networks

It is typically during the building or renovating of property that major infrastructure is installed.  Items such as distribution boards, server racks (internal and external), network switches, uninterruptible power supply modules, cable trays and kilometres of cable can be installed.  It is with this infrastructure huge amounts of data can be transferred and displayed throughout buildings and across the globe.

Commercial Applications

In commercial and industrial applications, we install data and coms for many different uses.  Take for example a hospital.  In a hospital you have nurse call buttons, LED data display boards, voice over and intercom systems all these relay crucial information throughout the building all at lightening speeds with 100% accuracy (High performance Cat 6 Cabling).  BUT to ensure the speed and accuracy the quality of the cabling, distribution boards, server racks and connections all need to be of high quality and installed in the correct manner.

Transfer rates and data quality can all be severely depleted when cheap cables are used along with poor connectors and low-quality patch panels.  Imagine trying to look at an x-ray and all the pixels are granular in display!  Not the type of image you would make a serious decision on.  Mayfair Building Group have and are currently working with many health facilities in the state to ensure their data and communications infrastructure are always kept in the best working conditions.  It is not only health facilities we work with.  Our skills and knowledge base stretches across all commercial and industrial fields such as office buildings, the defence industry and shopping complexes to name only a few let our experience be to your benefit.

Repairs and Maintenance

Over time technology evolves and ageing infrastructure needs upgrading or completely replacing.  This type of work can be performed over stages, The Mayfair Building Group have assisted many properties with the upgrade and overhauling of there ageing infrastructure.

Rerunning cables and replacing server racks can be a lengthy process to undertake and often require majority of the work to be performed out of hours.  The new server racks may need craning in, and roads closed off to allows this work to take place, something we are experienced in and well known for our seamless operations time and time again.  Due to the heat which these systems produce you will also find the rooms in which they are housed climate controlled with reverse cycle air conditioners keeping the room temperature constant and ensuring the equipment does not overheat.


server installations

If you are searching for an expert data and cabling company in Adelaide, you have no reason to look any further.  Mayfair Building Group have over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry and it comes with this all our clients continually turn to our knowledge and professionalism to ensure their projects are always carried out on time and on budget with minimal disruptions.  Your data and communications needs are in safe hands with Mayfair.

It’s one of those things that quite often will be overlooked as a priority of things to do around a property, but it is a crucial warning element of survival in the case of a fire in your property.

Testing Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms as the name suggests inform us of the presence of smoke inside the building.  If a smoke detector is placed incorrectly it will go into alarm mode due to detection of smoke from the kitchen for example after a piece of toast has been burnt or directly outside a shower door the steam can cause these alarms to falsely activate.  But if the detector is correctly installed by a licensed contractor in accordance with National Construction Code (NCC) it should only alarm when an actual fire/smoke is detected.

testing of smoke alarms

It is important to ensure that a smoke alarm is tested frequently to maintain the integrity of this device.  Inside the smoke alarm is a 9-volt battery (rectangular in shape) and this can go flat over time and will need replacing.  Quite often people will note a little chirping noise coming from the alarm this is a warning that the battery is getting low on energy and should be swapped over.  In many cases people will just have the battery removed instead of replacing it and therefore making the smoke alarm void as it no longer has power to detect the presence of smoke (not a good idea).

Annual Testing Services

At Mayfair Building Group we provide annual testing services for many organisations across Adelaide such as property management companies, warranty claims for manufacturers, aged care facilities, general public, remotely located properties and government organisations.  It is a relatively simple process to have a smoke alarm tested and its battery replaced, but one which will certainly assist in saving a life if a fire was ever to occur inside a property.

smoke detector installation

We also provide the services of new installations if a current smoke alarm is faulty or if there is no smoke alarm installed, our service technicians can supply and install a new device for your convenience.

Environmental awareness and the affects we are having on our surrounding environment are a hot topic and one that is continuing to heat up.  Today majority of our clients both residential and commercial across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills are seeing an increase in their quarterly utility bills and are looking at ways in which they can reduce them, but at the same time remaining eco-friendly.


inside a meter box

At the Mayfair Building Group, we are focused on developing new processes and techniques that assist our customers save money on their utility bills.  When a client of ours opts for solar electrical panels to be installed there are few things to consider in order to avoid nasty surprises later down the track.

Today we are finding many companies advertising on the internet prices which seem too good to be true and usually do not involve an initial site visit to give an accurate quotation.  It is crucial to get a site inspection during the quotation period to look at things such as aspect and sizing/positioning of solar panels on the roof.

What are the surprises?

Unfortunately, it’s not until the panels have been installed and that company has been paid that the final connection is made at the meter (which can be months after the initial installation of the panels) with the installation of the Smart Meter.  But getting a Smart Meter installed into your electrical meter box is not as straightforward as it sounds there are certain criteria which must be met.  Below is a list of items to have considered by a licensed electrician which could severely impact the cost of a project and end up blowing out any prior online savings.

  • Asbestos board:  We all understand the effects of asbestos and its harmful properties.  Electrical boards are not exempt from this either.  It is important to have the board which items such as circuit breakers, safety switches and isolators are attached to upgraded with a new compliant type of material.
  • No Safety Switch (Residual Current Device):  Today it is mandatory that any switch board which is going to have a Smart Metre installed will need a safety switch also installed.  But it is also worth noting that a safety switch is a good idea for any home as it will help save a life if ever an electrical fault may occur.
  • Ceramic fuses:  Today many houses will have a circuit breaker, but those properties with a older style switchboard may still have ceramic fuses which have a piece of wire between the two terminals rated to the amps on that circuit.  This type of technology is outdated and will be addressed during an electrical switchboard upgrade.

What’s involved?

Upgrading an electrical switch board is not a massive job but will take approximately 3 to 4 hours and this will mean some interruptions to the properties power supply during this upgrade period.  All the switches and breakers inside the meter box will be upgraded to comply with the current Australian Standards.

This will include a Clipsal Safety Switch also known as Residual Current Device (RCD).  There are additional options such a dedicated surge protection device which will protect items such as TV’s, Computers and Hot Water Services in the event of an electrical spike from the grid.  If a spike is ever to occur the surge protector would need replacing as these are a self-sacrificing device aimed at taking the load rather than your appliances.  As a guide only for price on an upgrade to your electrical board we suggest around $1,600 to $1,900, but every case is different and subject to a site inspection.

If you require work done to your electrical system at your home or office contact the Mayfair Building Group for a no obligation quotation to ensure your safety and compliance with the current set of Australian Standards.


meter box upgrades to install solar panels