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At Mayfair Building Group we believe that reliability and trust are non negotiable aspects of any working relationship.  Every project we under take these core values are implemented ensuring client piece of mind that the job we have employed to undertake is getting done as instructed.

As part of the process and implementation in Adelaide SA, we need to identify some key questions:

  • Why is the project being initiated?
  • What problems are being solved?
  • Who are the projects stakeholders? (client)
  • How will the project fit in with companies’ priorities and goals?
  • What is the anticipated completion date?

With over 20 years of experience in the building and construction industry we have under taken a huge variety of different projects.  Through this experience we understand that no one project is ever the same and each project requires a different approach.

Whether it be community relations, risk management, funding, procurement, scheduling or construction management each project will be unique, and it is with our experience our proven track record of delivering projects to our client’s expectations Mayfair Building Group has become a preferred choice by many businesses in commercial and industrial fields. Instead of heading to a recruitment site, talk to us in Adelaide SA 5000 first about your PM jobs.

Our Project Management Services


The traditional approach to projects in Adelaide is to perform it in sub sequential steps.  This process is used when a clear finish date is nominated, a direct need and a budget.  Steps for this type of management can vary but are typically as follows:

  • Initiation: To understand the scope of the project, who the stakeholders and start to create objectives.
  • Planning and Design: To define the objectives of the project and break these into manageable tasks. Time and cost estimate, scheduling and sequencing and resource assignment.
  • Execution and Construction: Monitoring and Controlling Systems: Ensure during the project required changes can be made as required and highlight milestones during the project and reports are made to various stakeholders in the project.
  • Completion: Evaluation of the project, final reporting and hand over to the client.

Typical projects may include kitchens, bathroom renos, laundries, landscaping services, or outdoor area renovation.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

This process allows for physical and human limitations by designing projects to deal with uncertainties.  A Critical path of events is planned out allowing tasks which may occur the longest time delays the longest periods of time to be allocated to them.  An project plan in Australia could undergo resource levelling, the process of resolving conflicts of a persons or that of a piece of plant/machinery.

Project Management - Call us today and we will be able to help you!

We have vast experience in managing projects of all size across the state. Out skilled team simply make projects happen!

A strategic form of managing a project in Adelaide SA, one that is driven through vision, mission and values of a business.  This type of management has 6 steps as follows:

  • Defining the process
  • Establishing methods and evaluation
  • Analysing the performance of the process
  • Analysing process stability and if needed setting new objectives
  • Planning improvements
  • Implementing improvements

Extreme Management

When a project incurs frequent change and uncertainty and the deadlines are tight with high stakes this form of project management will be implemented in Australia. Requirements from a project such as this can change quickly.  The focus on extreme project management is less on templates and more on leadership/outcome driven.  Our leaders are as the name suggest people who can think fast and make important decision in demanding circumstances  in Australia, while keeping site safety management at the fore.

What To Expect From Our Managers?

Our project managers will be responsible for the planning and execution of your project.  They will lead a time in all aspects of management and delegate tasks.  Our project managers will be given the full responsibility of the task at hand and the authority to get the project completed.

Some of the task you can expect our managers to take on are:

  • Develop the project plan
  • Managing the team and stake holders
  • Managing the schedule and budget
  • Site safety management
  • Managing the risks
  • Managing the conflicts

Our managers have a passion for quality, that they built up during their career. They have worked in and have had employment in many different industries and sectors in Adelaide and the suburbs, have a strong understanding of our company mission, and ensure best practices are adhered to. Expertise includes working in the engineering, working with contractors, developers, resources sector, property, services, health, utilities, and construction industries. Our team is always able to provide advice and work guidance for success. Make sure you enquire for further information.

The PRISM System

PRiSM is again another method of project management that we can implement for our clients in Adelaide.  The word PRiSM stands for Projects integrating Sustainable Methods.  This style of project method focuses on socially responsible development.  Eco-friendly or sometimes also referred to as green project management is really starting to take off in South Australia with the growing awareness for the environment in the building industry today and the longer-term effects of our building methods to the planet.

Long Term Sustainability

While other project management methods we use will solely focus on finishing times and costs, PRiSM also considers long-term sustainability with the goal of reducing any negative environmental, economic, and social effects caused by the project during the construction phases and once completed.  Items such as recycling, rainwater harvesting, solar (water and electricity), double glazed windows, cladding materials, building orientation and thermal insulation properties all ensure that once a project is completed it will continue to minimise its impact on the environment.

We would typically use the PRiSM method for property development (on a commercial scale), construction projects and infrastructure projects such as new subdivisions or upgrades to existing infrastructure.  If you are interested in a Eco-friendlier approach to your buildings construction and long term operation speak with us today about the PRiSM project management method.

Managing Projects At Scale

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