If you own a property there are a couple of things you should have.  Firstly, a good building maintenance company who can assist you with any type of work which may need to be undertaken during the day to day running of the property and Secondly insurance for when things go wrong which may be covered under your policy.

Tasks we have worked on

Mayfair Building Group have been helping our customer directly or indirectly through their insurance companies with various tasks over our many years in operation.  Task such as:

  • Water damage from roof leaks, broken water pipes and drainage services
  • Fire and smoke damage caused from the event of a fire
  • Broken windows and doors caused from forced entry
  • All hour’s emergency response for urgent matters
  • Collapsed roofs and buildings caused during a storm event
  • Internal walls breaking down due to termite or pest invasions
  • Complete rebuilds due to structural collapse
  • Commercial kitchen renovations and restaurant rebuild to due fire and gas leaks
  • Rendering and painting services due to ground movement
  • Fencing and gating due to vehicular damage
  • Rectification of services damaged during construction
  • Tiling and flooring solutions after water and fire damage has occurred
  • Reconstruction of walls due to damage by vehicles
  • Failed dry wall ceilings from water entering voids

The list above is only a snippet of some items which we have helped clients perform over the years.  Our areas of work are in all facets of building including domestic, commercial and industrial fields of the industry.  The Mayfair Building Group work in the local suburbs of Adelaide and surrounding locations across the state such as: Mount Gambier, Yorke Peninsula, Barossa Valley, River Land, Kangaroo Island, Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide Hills we also are competent to work in other locations a little further away from the CBD such as Ceduna, Roxby Downs, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy and Port Lincoln assisting in all circumstances providing a complete service for every project.

All projects are completed to adhere with the NCC, Australian Standards and Local Authorities requirements.

Seacliff Water Damage Case Study

Check out our case study on a water damage job in Seacliff, South Australia here.

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How does the process take place?

Initially a customer or insurance company will get in contact with us by issuing a work order and a brief detailed statement of what is the task.  Depending on the nature of the job it may have a classification of how urgent the matter needs attended, in some cases we will be required after hours which we are setup to respond to.


One of our assessors will then contact the client and make a suitable time to attend and get the initial consult performed.  From then we will set a process in place to have the task performed.  Being a large multi trade skill set company allows us to perform every task under the one umbrella.  Everything from council approvals, interior design, excavation, concrete, structural installations, electrical, plumbing and painting its all covered with the one business.  The advantage of this is that firstly the client is only dealing with the one business and secondly the insurance companies deals with only company leaving the lines of communication much clearly and allowing for a faster smoother process to take place.

Will every situation be covered by my policy?

Each policy is different and will cover different circumstances.  Some policies will cover the entire task where as others will only cover portions of the work.  It is to our client’s advantage using the Mayfair Building Group that we understand how the claiming process will work and what will be required for an insurance company to process the forms.

Detailed Reports

Our detailed reports are written in such a way that there is no stone left un turned when it comes to getting a detailed picture of what was wrong in the first place and how the problem was fixed and what was involved with getting the project to this position.

With the use of technology today items such as CCTV cameras, locating equipment, drones, laser measuring devices, video recording equipment, dust suppression equipment, hybrid machinery and elevated work platforms all allow the project to be performed with a higher level of efficiency reducing time and total project costs.

The Mayfair Building Group is always looking to help new clients and further expand our hold over the building market in Adelaide.  You may be an insurance company or a customer who would like work performed on behalf of there insurance company, either way we would like to hear from you.

The task may be minor or on a large scale regardless we can assist.  Our experience and knowledge are here for your advantage.  We are licensed and insured for your confidence.  All the work we undertake is guaranteed and stands the test of time with high quality workmanship on all projects under taken.

A programme is put in place prior to starting and our tight time frames are always met setting our company aside from other builders giving us the reputation we have grown to be known for today.