Tiling Services

Creating a cleaner more modern feel to a new build or renovation the days of the entire house or office being carpeted are slower fading. With a much more modern touch to splash backs and bathroom walls the style and price you can select from are huge. We pride ourselves on delivering what can only be described as high-end finishes with all the tiling projects we under take.

Creating the perfect result is an art and an art which is not learnt at Tafe or University it is one which can only be truly learned through many years of experience. Some of our tilers  have worked in Europe and other locations across globe exposing them to many varieties of projects and styles allowing them to lend their knowledge to our customers today.

What goes into creating a master piece? Its all in the initial preparation because a tile will always reflect the surface it is adhered to, so taking some additional care right back at the start with create a finished product you as a customer will be ecstatic with.

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Tiling is something that needs time and care to get the perfect result, and at Mayfair, we have mastered this craft

Selecting the right tile to make a room feel bigger and spacious is something we can help you with. Depending on the size or pattern each tile will create a different feeling for the space it is installed once complete. Selecting the right grout colour and silicone to set the tile off will also impact significantly on the result, this is where our experience and knowledge are your greatest advantage.

Tiles don’t necessarily always get installed internally many out-door areas used for entertaining or recreational activities such as swimming and sporting will also use tiles. The glues and grouts may be slightly different, but the principals are just the same.

Large & Small Tiling Projects

Our focus on tiling is that no job is to small or to large we have been involved with hundreds of bathroom and kitchen renovations and some iconic commercial and industrial refurbishments and new builds. We look forward to hearing from you and working together.