In  Adelaide, South Australia, the demand for superior floor paving solutions has never been higher. Whether it’s for enhancing indoor ambiance or upgrading outdoor spaces, the right paving can transform any area into a visually appealing and functional space.

Our local floor paver installation service specialises in offering a wide array of paving options tailored to meet the needs of Adelaide’s diverse properties. From the luxurious smooth surfaces of travertine pavers to the classic and stylish look of black granite, our range includes something for every aesthetic and functional requirement.

Our Paving Selection

Outdoor Paving: A Foundation for Beautiful Spaces

Outdoor areas, whether it be garden pathways, pool areas, or alfresco spaces, require paving solutions that combine beauty with durability. Our extensive range of outdoor pavers, and premium large format pavers, offers highly durable paving stone options designed to withstand Adelaide’s climate.

Baltic Marble and other marble styles provide a distinctive and elegant look, perfect for creating an outdoor space that stands out.

For pool surrounds, concrete pool pavers and slip-resistant pavers ensure safety without compromising on style. The black granite pavers and travertine pavers are perfect for achieving a classic and modern look, ideal for both pool areas and entertaining areas. Their smooth finish and resistance to slipping make them a safe and stylish choice for any outdoor setting.

Indoor Flooring: Seamless Style and Durability

Indoor and outdoor flooring choices significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. Our floor tiles and large format pavers are designed to create a seamless living area that flows from inside to out. The unpolished natural stone surfaces offer a perfect decorative stone option for those seeking a luxurious yet low-maintenance solution.

For protecting polished porcelain or creating feature walls, our range provides unique finishes like the French pattern finish or lightly textured finish, adding a touch of sophistication to any indoor area.

Specialty Paving: Unique Solutions for Every Need

Understanding the unique requirements of Adelaide’s homes and businesses, we offer specialty paving solutions for a modern style with a rippled texture, perfect for feature walls or alfresco areas. Our salt-resistant and slip-resistant options are ideal for areas exposed to Adelaide’s coastal environment, ensuring durability and safety.

Premium selections like the Arctic Marble and Baltic Marble offer not just a paving solution but a statement of luxury and elegance. These options are designed for those looking to achieve a distinctive and elegant look, combining the natural beauty of stone with advanced manufacturing for a highly durable and low-maintenance finish.

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Why Choose Our Services

At Mayfair, we believe in providing not just extensive ranges of paving stones but also in ensuring that each client receives personalised service and expert advice. Our team of specialists is dedicated to guiding you through selecting the perfect paving solution, from the highly durable paving stones suited for Adelaide’s weather to the perfect decorative stones that complement your property’s style.


Our experienced installation teams are adept at handling everything from intricate designs in alfresco areas to expansive paving projects in outdoor areas. Utilising state-of-the-art techniques and materials like micro sealer technology, we ensure that every installation is performed to the highest standard, promising longevity and outstanding performance.

Maintenance and Care

Understanding the importance of maintaining the pristine condition of your paving, we provide comprehensive care guides and services. From sealing to protect against stains and damage to repair and maintenance tips for keeping your paving looking its best, our post-installation support ensures your investment is well protected.

Whether you’re envisioning a seamless living area with luxurious indoor flooring, a safe and stylish pool area, or a distinctive outdoor space for entertaining, our extensive and exclusive range of paving solutions has you covered. Call our team in Adelaide to explore our huge range of options and discover how our premium paving solutions can transform your property into a classic, stylish, and functional masterpiece.

Discover the difference quality paving can make to your Adelaide home or business. Contact us today to start your journey toward a beautifully paved space that stands the test of time.