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As one of the most used surfaces in the house, you want to ensure your kitchen benchtops are eye-catching and durable.

Whether you are choosing benchtops for your new Adelaide home, or you’re looking to breathe life into an existing kitchen, the choice of material and design is important to complement the look and feel of the home and homeowners.

Below, we have put together some of the most attractive and affordable benchtop options:

Stainless Steel Bench Tops

Is your style modern and sleek? Stainless steel kitchen benchtops can add the ‘cool’ factor to your Adelaide home in more ways than one.

Not only do their polished surfaces look modern and clean, but stainless steel benchtops are also non-porous and resistant to heat, rust, and staining. Your sink, your splashback — even your island benchtop in your kitchen — can all flow seamlessly and turn your kitchen into a modern work of engineered art.

Stainless steel benchtops are easy to maintain and last years but can be easily scratched or dented. They are generally not a cheap option and can cost more than other materials, especially if you go for a higher-grade metal that is more scratch-resistant.

However, if you want a bold alternative that can please the eyes, then stainless steel kitchen benchtops are the right choice for you.


Timber is a timeless kitchen benchtop option. Whether your vibe is country, federation, or you simply like to mix modern sleekness with naturally rustic elements, this could be the perfect benchtop solution. With multiple kinds of wood and hues to choose from, the nicks and whorls of a timber top adds a homely appeal.

Timber brings warmth to communal spaces such as kitchens, quite striking when contrasted against neutral or cold design elements such as white tiles or stainless steel appliances.

While recycled wood and bamboo can be cost-effective solutions, timber benchtops for kitchens require upkeep, as you will often need to re-sand the top and re-varnish it with a food-safe oil or polyurethane top coating.


This stunning stone calls to mind European sophistication and suits Adelaide homeowners that want a polished, classic-looking kitchen benchtop.

Marble brightens the look of any kitchen and doesn’t conduct heat, making it perfect during those hot Adelaide summers. However, marble is also a softer stone and naturally porous, meaning that it is susceptible to scratches and markings, especially with red wine and other acidic products, unless sealed regularly.

Marble is available in three different finishes:

  • Polished: for a timeless look that can enhance the natural characters of the stone, but also make it prone to staining;
  • Honed: a less glossy finish that can help hide scratches but can also slightly dull the natural features of the stone;
  • Leathered: giving your marble stone benchtops a more textured appearance, but also making it more vulnerable to staining.

Marble is not a cheap material, particularly when choosing rarer colours, but with the right care, a marble stone top can be a low-maintenance solution that will last for years.


With its attractive glimmering grains, granite stone benchtops provide a touch of luxury for homeowners who want to add a show-and-tell element to their design — crystallised elegance that offers the perfect balance to highly modern kitchens.

Like marble, granite is a naturally porous stone and heat resistant, but is also a harder substance and therefore resilient against stains. It is also antibacterial and can come in a range of colours and looks.

Granite is a very expensive, quality material, and depending on the thickness you wish for your kitchen benchtops, can set you back a hefty price. Of course, when taking into account its durability and longevity, as well as its unique beauty, it is easy to see why granite is the go-to for homeowners who to add richness and value to their homes.

Engineered/Composite stone

A popular choice for many Adelaide first home buyers today, this mid-range cost option is ideal for anyone who wants a more affordable alternative to natural stone materials without compromising on quality, and with a similar look and feel.

Engineered stone is denser than natural stone and has no porosity, meaning that it is resistant to scratching, staining, and free from requiring ongoing maintenance over time. While it may not hold the raw appeal of marble or granite, with stone benchtops you can choose from a large range of hues to complement your design palette, and decide between a solid colour or more visually dynamic options that mimic natural stone with flecks, veins, and crystal stone elements.


Available in an amazing variety of styles and colours, today laminate has become the ideal solution for Adelaide homeowners who want the look of higher-end materials in their kitchens, but also want to please their wallets.

Though not as durable as other options (it may need replacing in time), and vulnerable to cuts and heat, laminate kitchen benchtops are the perfect blend of looks and affordability. If you choose a high-pressure laminate, you will find that it’s also resistant to scratches and stains, and could last years with the right care.

Look for post-formed laminate that is a little thinner and flexible to eliminate joins between edges, reducing the risk of laminate peeling, and giving your kitchen a seamless look, particularly if choosing a laminate imitating natural stone.

Want more information on how to choose the perfect benchtop for your kitchen?

Are you thinking of upgrading your existing kitchen, or looking for the right kitchen benchtop for your new home? Undecided on which option best suits your price range? Contact one of our available Adelaide based Mayfair Building Group team today, who will help you find the perfect solution and provide an obligation free quote.

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