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Whether your family is growing, the grandparents are moving in, you want to add value to your Adelaide home before selling, or your existing space appears to be shrinking, home extensions can be the perfect solution for your increasing need for space. But, there’s more to a successful home extension than a handful of cash in the bank. To do the job properly, and to capitalise on the dollars you spend, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Home Extension Budget

Carefully consider how much you have to spend. An extension typically costs more per square metre than new homes in Adelaide, because there’s usually a need to demolish surrounding walls, reinforce foundations and restore the existing structure.

Set aside how much you’re willing to spend and start to gather quotes from reputable builders. Ask your builder if they’d be willing to agree on a fixed price for the extension. A fixed price will alleviate any anxiety as the project progresses and budgets are blown out.

You should also consider if you’ll need to hire an architect and electrician as well as a builder. Factor this in, in addition to your materials, decorations and furnishings.

Finally, think with your head, not with your heart! Budgets can get out of hand when you make decisions based on what you like, not what you can afford. While you love the idea of bulkheads and LED lighting, your budget might not allow for it.


Ask yourself: What will my new space be used for? Knowing the purpose of the area is just as important as knowing how much you have to spend, whether it’s a spare bedroom, a studio, hobby room or home theatre. Have a clear idea of the purpose of the room so that you can select materials, decorations and furniture to suit.

You should also consider the floor space needed for the room. A home cinema, for instance, will need more floor space than a child’s nursery. A home office will require less space than a gym. Not getting the dimensions of the floor space correct means you could end up with a room that’s either too big or too small.

Lead time

This a tricky one. Are you planning to have your new entertaining area for Christmas? Or perhaps you want to finish building before the arrival of your new family member. Managing your own expectations on how long the construction will likely take can save some disappointment down the line.

An ongoing renovation can also be disruptive to everyday life, especially if like many others in Adelaide in recent months you work from home. If the addition is large enough it requires you to move out of your home, you might need to find a rental property to live in for the duration of the renovation, which could pose as a significant additional expense.

In addition to the above, you’ll likely have to pay more in labour time if your project takes longer than expected. Keep this in mind and factor in the likelihood of this in your budget.


Many homeowners believe an extension must match the windows, door frames, facade and eaves of the existing house, which is certainly not the case.

Extensions are an excellent opportunity to show off your creative flair – there’s no rulebook for how and why you do that. Consider changing things up a bit. For instance, a period style house may look striking with a modern extension. A contemporary home might stand out with classic features. As long as the overall concept ties in nicely with the existing home, you’ll achieve a successful result.


What does your home insurance cover, and what will it not include in the event of damage? Many policies will not cover the construction of your extension nor the finished product. If this is the case, you’ll need to upgrade your existing policy or shop around for a new one.

Ensure your selected builder has the relevant cover for damage and injury. A good builder will have set the right foundations in the unlikely event of an at-fault error. If they don’t, consider purchasing construction insurance to cover you for any loss or injury during the build. You’ll also be covered if a builder walks out on your unfinished home extension – an unlikely result but one that’s far from ideal!

To find out how Mayfair protects our clients with insurance, call us today.


We all want to get along with the people who we live close to. While they shouldn’t govern your home renovation plans, you should consider how your proposed designs will affect things such as their outlook and natural sunlight.

We recommend you involve your neighbours in the design process early on, so you can troubleshoot any issues well before it’s too late. The last thing you need is a formal complaint submitted against you before construction has even begun.

Ultimately, even if you don’t involve them in the process, they will have access to your plans before they’re submitted for approval and are legally allowed to object them if there are one or more aspects they don’t like.

Planning for a home extension for your Adelaide home is exciting, but if you don’t practice due diligence before embarking on the design process, you could run into complications when you need them the least. Always ensure you act lawfully and plan well in advance, and you’ll end up with a result you love.

Mayfair is a family-owned and operated construction company with over 15(?) years experience in high-quality home extensions, home improvements and kitchen renovations in South Australia. Contact us today for a free quote to find out how we can make your home extension dreams come true.

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