Selecting The Best Rangehood For Your Kitchen Renovation

kitchen rangehood

A kitchen has always been a big part of any home and is typically a room which will show case a homes value. It’s not unusual to hear that someone has spent a minimum of $20,000 on a kitchen renovation and upwards to $85,000 or maybe even more depending on the appliances selected.

Kitchen Renovation Decisions

Mayfair Building Group have been helping clients for many years to renovate their kitchens across all of Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. The entire process is handled in house under the one umbrella allowing for fast and high-end finishes. A typical kitchen renovation can take as little as a few days through to a few weeks depending on door styles and bench top

In a recently completed project at Stirling in the Adelaide Hills a customer of ours had a huge kitchen renovation completed. The entire original kitchen was removed to allow for new internal building works to be performed prior to the new kitchen being installed. This was a huge renovation and went for a little over a month.

Amongst many of the decisions which were made one was very carefully looked into. What rangehood should we use? Its common feedback we get from our clients when choosing appliances that the rangehood never removes the smell from the room and they are very noisy. In the case of choosing a rangehood the more you pay the better product you will receive.

Rangehood Features

In the information below we will go through some key points to look at and what they affect:

  • Brand: Does the name matter? What we have found that higher end known brands such as Smeg, Miele and Qasair will deliver a better product but at a much higher price. So, depending on your level of cooking intended these may not be worth the extra thousands of dollars unless you’re planning on cooking up a storm every night. The mid-level rangehoods are just as good for everyday domestic cooking from manufacturers such as Bosch, Robinhood and Euro Appliances. The budget for the project will most likely determine the brand.


  • Ducting: Is it important to vent the rangehood to atmosphere? It is not critical but it’s a better job to vent to atmosphere. Rangehoods can be installed with carbon filters so no venting is required, but once again venting to atmosphere is the best solution. We have seen some rangehoods vented into large ceilings, but this a bit of a short and you will end up smelling the extracted fumes throughout other rooms in the house. At the top end of the scale, you will find Qasair using hard metal ducting which will need to be installed in the very early stages of a renovation and this will provide with the quietist possible removal of fumes from a kitchen.


  • Location: Today with many of our clients opting for island bench cooktops the location of the rangehood is critical. It is because of these new choices for the cooking top that many manufacturers have started designed very architecturally designed rangehoods to create a nice centre piece for the kitchen. Manufacturers such as Beko, Westinghouse, Omega, Euromaid and Blanco have a wide range of options and have a good hold on the market for island rangehoods. Many of clients are also choosing to have the entire rangehood built into the joinery so it is not seen, typically when higher end doors are selected from the Shaker range. Regardless of the location careful planning is required to ensure the electrical supply is put in the right location and any supporting structural members are installed prior to gyprock lining of the walls.


  • Size: Does the size of the rangehood matter? Once again, the question needs to be asked about how much cooking is planned and how big the appliance is? Many manufacturers offer different styles with the occasionally larger motor. In the Smeg, Miele and Qasair range they are catering for larger kitchens with big appliance such as 900mm freestanding ovens with wok burners etc. In these ranges you can select to have dual motors all on various speed options. As previously touched on these fancy variables will alter the price significantly.

Selecting The Rangehood

In our recently completed kitchen renovation in Stirling our client selected the Qasair NDCH120L2B120cm Undermount Executive Under Cupboard Rangehood. This unit has dual motors and variable light modes. The ducting was installed using hard metal ducts and vents to atmosphere via controlled air vent which stops back draft.

The total installation would be approximately 1 full day for 2 people. This particular model retails for $2,950 prior to installation. When you then take installation into account its likely to be a total of $6,000 for the rangehood part of the project, it is for this reason many people do not worry about going to such extremes and the funds to other parts of the project.

At Mayfair Building Group we tailor the project to suit your budget. If you want a high-end luxury kitchen renovation, we can help you and if you want a simple low cost make over, we can help you. No matter what you want done with your kitchen we can help make your project possible. Speak to us today about making your centre piece of your home wonderful again.

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