Making Of A Man Cave

turn a granny flat into a man cave

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The man cave is an Australian man’s dream to be able to have a building dedicated to watching sport, playing video games and catching up with mates while enjoying a beer or two. Not everyone has the room or the space in which they can create such a space. Fortunately, our new clients in Burnside have the perfect opportunity to create the ultimate man cave.


the making of a man cave

Renovation Of Granny Flat Into A Man Cave

A property recently purchased has a family room/granny flat on site which has long been neglected and in need of renovation or in this case a transformation. This building is about to undergo the ultimate makeover and become a man cave many men will envy for years to come. In order to get the perfect space, there will need to be a few important items addressed.

The Man Cave Features

As the name suggests “man cave” it must accommodate all things which you would expect to find in such a place and, in this case, a few little added extras:

  • Bathroom: Because men cannot always remember to put the seat down will be adding a wall hung urinal. The flushing of the urinal will be controlled via a sensor mounted in the ceiling ensuring the urinal is always flushed after being used. Along with this work there will be new wall mounted toilet suite, new vanity unit and chrome basin mixer tap.
  • The Bar: Where all the fun happens. This will become the focal point of this room. A new purpose-built wooden bar with sinks, beer taps and post mix system. Behind the bar will shelving for some higher end drinking products and selection of South Australian wines. Below the shelving will be fridges to keep a few more boutique style beverages on chill.
  • Electrical: Without the power there will be nothing happening inside this renovation. Given the increase in fixtures and now the addition of a powerful reverse cycle air conditioner there is going to be significant power upgrades which will include a new sub board and dedicated circuits to feed the reverse cycle air conditioner, fridges and lighting.
  • Smoke Detectors: Like every other renovation we perform in Adelaide once you start a home improvement it becomes our responsibility to now bring the building up to the current Australian Standards and the current edition of the NCC. This room will now require a hard-wired smoke alarm with lithium battery for back up in the event of a power outage.
  • Thermal Protection: Due to the age of the building any insulation that may have once been installed has certainly decreased in its R value. The insulation where accessible will be replaced. Along with this will also be the windows. The current windows will be replaced with new double-glazed glass with argon gas in between both sheets. Through creating a better insulated building will decrease energy consumption because the overall buildings internal temperature will not fluctuate as much.
  • Gutters and Down Pipes: As the owners are investing so much money into the internals and its fixtures we have recommended a upgrade of the gutters and downpipes to ensure that the in the case of a huge storm all the items that are inside remain dry at all times. This will involve new half round guttering and new 90mm down pipes connecting to the under ground 100mm PVC lines which run out to the street connection on Kings Avenue.

renovating a man cave


We will probably miss the AFL grand final as its fast approaching but certainly it will be ready for a summer of cricket this will be a true entertainer and one our client’s friends will be envious for certain. Watch this space for more exciting news from the Mayfair Building Group.

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