Shop Fit Out & Renovation For Mavericks Dog Grooming Adelaide

new shop fit out in Adelaide

We recently wrapped up a shop fit out and renovation project for the newly opened Mavericks Dog Grooming in Hazelwood Park, Adelaide.

The project included a complete epoxy floor installation.

Where is Mavericks Dog Grooming Located?

Photos Of The Project

We complete the project over the Christmas and New Year break was the shop fit-out of Mavericks Dog Grooming in Hazelwood Park.

We met the client in November 2023 for the initial site visit and quotation. The objective was to get the job done over the Christmas period and have the dog salon operational for the early weeks of January 2024.

Tasks were performed in this order:


The original floor coverings in the tenancy were high gloss white tiles. When these tiles are wet, they become very slippery and create an OHS issue. We suggested the customer use a product from Dulux to coat the floors. The product is a 2-part epoxy coating system that can be tinted to a wide variety of colours.

In this case, we used a colour called Paw Paw Green. Once the product has time to cure it can be driven on etc, so it is very durable. There are 3 stages to applying this product successfully. Firstly, the floor must be 100% clean. To achieve this, we used a vacuum and then went over the entire area with thinners.

Next is to apply a two-part primer. This is applied with a short nap roller and a brush for the edges. Once completed this needs 24 hour to cure in a well-ventilated room. The next day we started with the first coat of colour. It is also a two-part epoxy kit that is applied in the same method as the primer and requires similar curing times.

Once it has cured a second coat is applied. In the ideal world, a 3 rd cost could also be applied if desired. From here Dulux recommend a 7-day curing period before any vehicular traffic etc can be introduced. After a couple of days light foot traffic is ok.

Separating the washing room from the grooming room to control noise and dog fur flying everywhere we were asked to separate the washing area of the shop from the grooming and reception areas. The stud wall was created out of 90mm x 35mm timber members (non-treated). The wall was then insulated using Bradford gold wall batts R2.5.

The idea behind using the wall batts is firstly they will control the temperature transfer from one room to another and secondly add acoustic characteristics. Once the wall was insulated, we used CSR Gyprock Aqua Chek 10mm Gyprock on the washing side of the room and 10mm Gyprock wall sheets on the other side of the wall. The Aqua Chek sheets are designed to be used in bathrooms, laundries and protected outdoor ceilings, so\ using these inside the washing room is a good solution.

A new opening for an 820mm x 2040mm door from Hume’s was created using a passage set of handles from Gainsborough. Our team then began the flushing and sanding process of the new Gyprock installation before the painting could be completed.

Keeping Dogs Secure

At the front of the shop between the reception counter and the grooming area, we installed pool fencing with a gate (auto closer). The black tubular fencing is designed as a safety device in case a dog does accidentally get off the lead while being groomed it cannot escape and potentially run out to Greenhill Road.

Heating and Cooling

To keep the dog salon at a constant temperature for the dogs and workers we installed 2 new air conditioning systems. At the rear of the shop in the dog washing area, we installed a 5.2KW Kelvinator air conditioner. In the dog grooming area, we installed a Gree 7.1KW reverse cycle air conditioner. Both systems work fantastically and keep both rooms at a constant 22 degrees all day long.

Plumbing and Electrical

The services side of things was not too involved and the majority of this was in the back of the house for the dog washing and cleaning of towels and floors processes. A new gas-fired hot water service was installed outside. The Rinnai B20 will deliver a continuous flow of hot water day in and out to keep the dogs clean.

A local plumbing and electrical company were engaged for this called Mayfair Plumbing. They are in Burnside and were able to fit this job over the Christmas break which was another great result.


The acoustics of the room had to be addressed. We were asked to assist with the echo of the room and help keep the sound down if a dog was starting to bark. The epoxy flooring had already reduced some of the noise, but we knew more could be done from previous jobs and shop fit-outs completed in Adelaide.

We purchased some acoustic felt pads to install on the walls from Bunnings Mile End. The acoustic panels are designed to be seen and come in all different colours. In this case, we purchased some light grey panels (white would get too dirty and the light grey blends in). The panels are 2m x 1.5m and get stuck about halfway up the wall. Using 3 panels on each wall immediately took the sting out of the echo and
gave our customer a great result.

Final Hand Over

Once all the building works were completed over a short two-week period, we handed the salon back over to the client for the final fit out which involved setting up hydraulic lifting tables for the dogs to be dried and groomed on, shelving units, computer, front desk, wall decorations and other bits and pieces.

Mavericks Dog Grooming has now been operating for a month since the fit-out was completed by
our team of expert builders.