Waterproofing – A Crucial Part Of Any Renovation

why water proofing is important

When it comes to getting the perfect result from any type of renovation the time spent earlier in the project on extra preparation will reward you at the end with an AMAZING outcome.

why water proofing is important

Why Waterproof?

The idea of water proofing is as the name suggests it is to water proof the area and prevent the entry of water into unwanted locations i.e. living rooms and bedrooms.   Over time grout and silicone seals can break

down and allow moisture behind the tile itself.  Providing the water proofing has been done by a qualified contractor it will prevent this moisture from damaging the linings of the walls and potentially entering a neighbouring persons property through the floor in apartment style living.

What Areas Should You Consider?

Areas such as the shower which are constantly wet when is use get water proofed on the floor and on the walls to the full height of the tiles.  The water proofing membrane is installed before any tiling is performed and before any painting can be done.  Inside a bathroom the entire floor also gets water proofed as this is wet most of the time a bathroom is in use and even for a short period after the room has been in use until the floor dries out.


When we perform a renovation such as a bathroom make over water proofing is an area which our tilers pay close attention to. We only use the best products available on today’s market with longest warranty periods giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve.  Water proofing is something that you don’t see when a project is finished but if it is not done properly the results later in life when a bathroom has been in use for many years can be catastrophic.  The results from not water proofing properly or at all can lead to the entire wet area needing to be re done and a project like that can cost well into the thousands of dollars not to mention the disruption to your bathroom and home, therefore we always recommend using a qualified company such as the Mayfair Group.

When it comes to water proofing you only get one chance to do the job right so by taking the time necessary to get the job done correctly is certainly worth the effort.

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