Choosing The Splashback Colour For A Grey Kitchen

a grey kitchen with splashback

If you need a kitchen makeover and grey is your primary colour, you might be confused about what colour splashbacks to match. Apart from being excellent surface protectors, they improve your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Grey is an intense colour used in home and decor for almost a decade. Its popularity is increasing as interior designers and homeowners discover new accents to mix and match with grey.

This guide will show some of the best colours for your backsplash in a grey-themed kitchen.

But first…

How Do I Choose A Kitchen Splashback?

Kitchen splashbacks have various colours and materials, making it difficult to choose the best one. Here’s a quick guide on how to decide on the perfect splashback.


Every homeowner has preferences regarding splashback materials. Glass splashbacks have a premium look, are easy to clean and come in plenty of colours.

Kitchen tile splashbacks are readily available but might be challenging to clean. Stone splashbacks are an absolute masterpiece, lasting longer, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for it!


Choosing the right splashback according to your kitchen’s layout is a huge cost-saver. The measurements alone are not enough as you need to know areas prone to water spillage, closer to heat, etc. Such factors may help you to decide whether to buy a tiled splashback or a plain glass one.


Colour selection is crucial in selecting your kitchen decor. Stone splashbacks may not come in a wide variety of colours but have a timeless appeal. Kitchen glass and tile splashbacks are readily available in different colours. You can play along with the contrast of the splashback and use a lighter tone for your kitchen appliances.

Overall Theme

Knowing the overall theme helps you figure out different colour combinations like this guide. For instance, a grey and white kitchen theme do well with teal, pink, red, and turquoise kitchen splashbacks. Glass splashbacks look fabulous on a shiny spacious kitchen theme with stainless steel appliances.


Homeowners should not stop at the first recommendation when looking for the right supplier. Different manufacturers bring different perks, from discounts to limited warranties. You can also contact professional interior design companies as they have the network and premium deals as renovators.

Best Colours Splashback For Grey Kitchen Ideas

Warm Things Up

A bold-coloured splashback such as pink, red, green, or terracotta adds warmth to your home by providing eye-catching details. Pink has been considered a girly colour for a long time, but the recent decades broke this norm with exciting design options.

More homeowners are adding a touch of pink to their kitchen, which looks fantastic. Hues like rose and autumn provide a striking epicentre, especially on dark grey cabinets.

For a more contemporary look, mix grey with green! It will give your room a high contrast and an uplifting vibe. A soft sage brings the modern-country feel, particularly with a dark timber ceiling and grey cabinets overlaying a dark charcoal wall.

Metallic grey appliances would fit perfectly in this colour scheme and add to the room’s modern feel.

Most homeowners pick terracotta floor tiles but forget the beauty of adding terracotta in splashbacks. Give your kitchen an extra rustic feel by adding terracotta splashback for a sparkling look.

Maintain Your Cool

You can add cool colours to your kitchen without looking too bland or basic. Dark grey tones blend perfectly with lighter shades of blue, purple, and pink. Monochrome colours on select kitchen items give it a complete look.

Another no-brainer for an excellent effect is white porcelain tiles. They are the most popular and bring a gorgeous balance with pale grey. Ideally, white goes with any colour, and you can play around with the different shades of grey in your kitchen. Metallic grey accents with light touches of gold make your kitchen modern and a masterpiece!

Create a coastal summer feels with turquoise on your splashbacks and a few accents across the counter chairs. Then cool things down with mid-grey kitchen cabinets and silky white walls. You’ll have that coastal feeling whenever you open the windows and let natural light do wonders on the darker shades.

This technique also works for other bold tones such as vitalising green, and sunny yellow, for brilliant and beautiful schemes bursting with energy.

Let’s Go Grey

The best way to match grey is to choose different shades of grey and layer them artistically. A grey splashback is easier to envision as long as it has a slight texture to it.

Brighten up a small kitchen space with a metalline range of grey (grey veining) and add contrast with dark-grey appliances. Then grab attention with patterned charcoal grey splashbacks to break the monotony of monochrome colours in your cooking space.


grey colour for kitchen splashback

Bold Patterns

If you’d like to be bolder, choose patterns instead of plain colours on your splashback- you’ll love it. You can choose a brown brick pattern with a solid grey kitchen design. A more expensive option would be using natural brick, but you can achieve the same concept with a brick tile.

The colour and texture of the brick make it stand out and look stunning without the need for sophisticated shades. Plus, it works well on matte grey cabinetry with little contrasting colours.

Terrazzo also sets the stage for a colourful kitchen scheme. You can choose dark grey cabinets and kitchen island, then accent with terrazzo-inspired tiles along the splashback.

For a bolder look, you can extend the terrazzo pattern to flooring such that it’s seamless from top to bottom. Although this removes the concept of a feature wall, it still provides an ideal accent colour balance.

Other bold patterns ideal for your splashback include hexagon tiles, kaleidoscopic colours, chevrons, and mini mosaics. A good thing with patterned splashbacks in a grey kitchen is that they are bold enough to be in any colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour goes best with grey in a kitchen?

Light grey colours do well with blush pink, mustard, teal, and other pastel shades. Suppose you want to add a little drama, red and green work. Dark grey typically goes with brighter shades like sunny yellow, deep blue, zesty orange, etc.

How do you make a grey kitchen feel warm?

Match grey with warm woods. The secret to warming up your grey kitchen is to add plenty of wood tones. You can give your cabinet a hardwood colour or add orangey tones to your kitchen island for a more rustic look.

Are grey kitchens still in style?

These days, more homeowners are breaking away from the traditional brown or white cabinets alternating with deep hues of grey in their kitchen. And it makes perfect sense because grey has a broader colour palette and can combine with plenty of colours.

Does grey and cream go together in kitchen?

Grey goes along with so many colours, including cream. For a perfect balance, use light tones of cream if the kitchen’s theme is dark grey. Lighter tones of grey mix perfect with cream and can be used generously up to a grey/cream ratio of 40/60.

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