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A strong focal point of any home or building is a stand out bathroom.  The ultimate in luxury design is one of a room which leaves a lasting impression in a person mind.  Creating this unique space is something the Mayfair Building Group have built a reputation on over the many years of home renovations in Adelaide, transforming stylish and one-off designs for our clients giving them a truly bespoke outcome.

The key for the right outcome is in the planning and that starts all the way back before any work has even begun.  Selection of toilets, showers, tiles, tapware, paint and vanity units all must be made before any work should commence in order to assure everything is set out and installed in the right location allowing for easy final installations once the bathroom is near completion.

Tasks that should be performed when renovating your bathrooms

In order to have a bathroom renovation Adelaide perform for many years after it has been completed there are some must do tasks which should be performed, but unfortunately some companies will cut corners on.

The Mayfair Building Group recommend these below tasks are always performed:

  • Creating the correct falls or slopes on the floors according to the National Construction Code to enable the water to get into the drain pipes.
  • Installation of puddle flanges to all floor drainage outlets.
  • Water proofing of walls and floors in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Replacement of shower breacher pipe inside wall.
  • Sealing all tile joints at wall and floor junctions with anti-fungal flexible sealant.

By performing these crucial steps in any wet area renovation, it ensures the maximum life span of any works performed.  Some bathroom renos can start at $12,000 and go all the way through to nearly $100,000 depending on the scale of the works being performed/fixtures/fittings being used and to take short cuts would seem pointless, yet it still happens.

We are often involved with the investigations of renovations with poor workmanship through insurance companies and see just what damage can be done when the right procedures are not put in place.  Depending on what has been done some of this work will not be covered by building insurance and it can leave a customer to foot a hefty bill.

Luxurious Bathroom Renovations - Call us today and we will be able to help you!

We offer a quality and competitively priced bathroom renovation service for high quality, luxurious bathrooms.

Like all trends in life they come and go, and bathroom renovations are no different.  Today we are installing very different fixtures and fittings as we were 10 years ago.  Below are what we are seeing as popular choices and we are now supplying and installing these for our clients:

  • Matt black tapware and outlets. The move away from shiny chrome has slowly been growing and we are seeing more and more of this in every bathroom reno we perform (see image).
  • Freestanding bath tubs. Having a large freestanding bath placed in the middle of the room is growing as focal point of any renovation where the room is large enough to have in there.
  • Frameless shower screens. Larger panes of glass with no frames have become a growing trend giving a real feel of openness inside the bathroom.
  • Long rectangular floor drains. Rather than the standard round or square 80mm floor grate.  Our clients are opting for stainless steel strip drains mounted close to walls inside the shower.
  • Floor to ceiling wall tiles. Many years ago, a bathroom would only be tiled to approx. 1200mm in the room and approx. 1900mm in the shower.  Today it is common to have the entire room tiled from floor to ceiling (see image).
  • builder to renovate a bathroomSubway tiles. 8 out of 10 bathrooms getting transformed today would have white subway tiles installed on the walls, one of the biggest trends in the renovation market today.
  • Close couple toilet suits. Finding more space in a bathroom under going a renovation can be hard, but by using a close coupled ceramic toilet suite you can gain almost another 200mm in length of the back wall where the cistern is mounted.
  • Chandeliers used as focal points in the middle of the bathroom or centred over the bath tub.
  • Heated towel rails and heated floors giving the bathroom a constant feeling of warmth and deterring away from the damp cold feeling a bathroom can get.
  • Floating vanity units which are wall mounted and do not go all the way to the floor.
  • Natural timber and stone products being used creating a sense of being in a day spa while being in the comfort of your own home.
  • Rain clouds. Large typically square in shape over head shower heads which give feeling of being under a cloud of rain while in operation hence the name.
  • Today mirrors have become very smart, some will have built in clocks, LED lights and even self-demisting features allowing the mirror to never fog up again.
  • A room with a view. Installing a bath tub next to a large window looking out into a nice garden or even out to view over hills or the city has probably never been out of fashion but with the newer styles of bath tubs its allowing for customers to take more advantage of this.

As the name implies Yes, we are high end. 

From the initial planning through to coordination and finishing everything is done seamlessly.  The constant feedback from our clients is that they were kept informed throughout the entire process knowing exactly what was happening and when.  The finished product was beyond their expectations and they couldn’t be happier.  We understand that most people only renovate a bathroom once in their life time so want it to last but also want it to be what they dreamt of and that’s what we give them every time.

Our services are not just limited to onsite works.  If you would like assistance with choosing the right tiles, paint colours, electrical switches, hand rails or bath tubs, we also offer that help to ensure that the right product is selected for the right task.  We try to make the entire process enjoyable for you and one that you can also participate in, so you understand how the finished product will look.

If your considering using our renovating services, why not speak to some of our past clients who we have performed this type of work for?  We would be happy to put you in touch and hear for yourself just how happy they are with the entire process and there finished bathroom.

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