A Coastal Renovation That’s All About The View

renovation of a beach side home in Glenelg

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When you hear real estate agents talking about a properties worth, they will often reference the location if it has any bearing on the value, well this up coming project is all about the location. Situated in the heart of Glenelg this two-storey home is everything about the view and more.

We have recently been given the go ahead from the owners to now start work on their rejuvenation of there two storey property which couldn’t be any closer to the beach if you wanted it to be. The owners are keen to see the works started and completed for summer which is approximately 4 months away so they can enjoy their home over the warmer months and show it off to the relatives who will be visiting from Canada for Christmas.

Renovation Close To The Beach

As I briefly touched on in the previous paragraph the property is very close to the beach and history tells us that anything close to coastal environments will come under strain from salt, moisture, sand and wind. There are specific building methods which should be applied according the NCC which assist in protecting these buildings but after time everything needs some renovating.

The agenda for this project is to make everything open and shut properly again along with a complete freshen up of internal rooms and external finishes.

Swollen And Rotted Timbers

Timber balustrades, window frames and door frames are ok to be installed by the beach but there are better products that can be used which will last longer and perform better. Probably the biggest task on this project will be the removal of the timber balustrades for the balcony and replacement with 316 stainless steel. The windows are being removed and replaced with double glazed glass accompanied by aluminium frames. The old wooden doors and frames will also be removed and replaced with aluminium frames and doors. The doors will have decorative glass inserts frosted for privacy but still allow some natural light into the entrance hallway.


Due to the disruption to the balcony with the new balustrades the old tiled floor will be lifted and replaced. There will be new screed installed along with non-slip tiles. There will be a new non slip heel guard strip drain installed from ACO. This manufacturer typically supplies to the commercial sector due to there high quality and it will ideally suit this situation given the high level of corrosion in this zone.

Down Pipes

Surprisingly the gutters are in good condition which would probably be due to the fact they get washed when ever it rains. The down pipes at the lower level close to the ground have taken a beating. These will be removed and replaced with new 90mm pvc pipes which eventually get painted. The brackets will also be replaced with hot dip galvanised brackets to provide etc corrosion resistance.

Rendering And Painting

With the removal of the window frames and door frames there will be some rectification works required to have the new frames match the existing building. Once the frames are installed, we will render around them and have locked into place and made weather tight. Painting the entire external of the building is part of the scope of work and will get done once all maintenance is performed to the external of the home. The internal of the home will also be given a fresh coat of paint from Dulux.


In order to give the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen a feeling of being freshened up there will range of tasks performed. All tapware will be swapped out with new chrome tapware from Caroma. There will be new toilet suites supplied and installed by Villeroy and Boch (total of 4). The kitchen will get a new dishwasher from Smeg along with a 900mm Smeg gas cook top and Electric fan assisted oven.


new toilet installation

smeg gas cooker bench top installation

Floor Coverings

Carpet and the beach are not the ideal match. The sand and the water tend to get engrained into the carpet and make it hard to get clean and it looks dirty fast. The rooms which are currently carpeted will be replaced with floating floorboards. There will be one exception to this and that will be the stairs. The stairs will remain carpeted except it will be new carpet.


floor renovation in Glenelg Beach

Owning a property this close to the beach at Glenelg you will never loose money when renovating. The gain in property value for these clients will be huge. The appeal from the beach and inside will resemble a fully renovated home and if they were ever to sell the house it will put them in a fantastic place to get the best price at the time.

At Mayfair Building Group we take pride in offering our clients high end finishes with schedules and budgets that are always met. We offer the Monopoly on excellence.

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